Amendments / Conditioners

Before embarking on your soil health program, Soil Health Coach and Biological Field Advisor Luke Harrington will be able to explain the advantages of running soil tests. Soil tests enable Luke to put the most suitable program together to meet your soil’s needs, by increasing soil biological activity, you can achieve –

  • healthier soils
  • healthier plants
  • healthier stock
  • a healthier planet
  • a healthier profit

Re-Gen Farming use Southern Cross University Environmental Analysis Laboratory to carry out soil analysis. 


Healthy soils are alive with biological activity, these microbes and organisms play a crucial role in helping plants absorb the nutrients they need for growth and to thrive. Ensuring soil pH is at an optimum level is critical to maximizing biological activity.

Lime is a key ingredient to amending soil pH issues and addressing acidic soil conditions, which could be preventing nutrient uptake by your plants. Adding lime to your soil –

  • improves nutrient balance and availability
  • improves soil structure
  • reduces the likelihood of Aluminium and Manganese toxicity

Re-Gen Farming source the best products available depending on your soil needs, ensuring the best results for money spent. Adding lime increases Calcium availability in your soil and soils organisms, with this biological improvement strategy – the results will speak for themselves.


Gypsum is a soil conditioner used in the treatment of sodic soils (soils which have excess sodium). Treating sodic soils is essential to improving soil structure as sodic soils cause clay particles to swell and disperse leading to a number of problems including –

  • soil compaction
  • obstruction of seed emergence
  • reduced nutrient uptake by plants

RE-Gen Farming sources premium gypsum products, improving the physical soil structure leading to more friable soils (crumblier soils) which exchange essential elements such as Calcium, Potassium and Sulphur with plants more readily.
This contributes to a more balanced pH, increasing the availability of nutrients and minerals and leading to happier, healthier plants.

Soil Health is a balancing act, ensuring your soil pH is in balance enables the soil microbes to thrive, allowing plants to absorb the nutrients they need for healthy growth.