Best Farming Systems

Activating the living organisms in the the soil is one of the steps in ensuring plants get off the a great start in life and also starting the journey to soil health. Sometimes nature needs a little extra help, which is where Re-Gen Farming can help guide you in the right direction to supplying you with the right products to bring your soil to life!

TM Agricultural

TM Ag is a liquid biostimulant which is applied prior to sowing and then again in crop. It can be included with a herbicide,  insecticide and foliar fertilisers. TM Ag activates the soil biology providing numerous benefits to soil and plant health.

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TM Germination

Re-Gen Farming recommend using TM Germination, which is a customised liquid biostimulant. The biostimulant attracts microbes to the seed giving plant seeds the best start, improving germination rates and plant establishment. TM Germination is applied directly to the seed up to 120 days prior to sowing.

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