Hay Grower / Contractor

Brendon (Spud) Lumbar

Brendon (Spud) Lumber, Hay contractor and grower is noticing superior germination, softer soil and better water use efficiency after multiple years of TM Ag use.
He said he has had a fantastic strike and he believed that the ground seemed to be holding onto the moisture for longer, they have been trying to spray out some Patterson’s curse but have had to wait to get back onto the paddock as the ground was so soft, well after watering.
This will be Spud’s third season using the bio-stimulant, TM Ag, as a soil rejuvenator and replacing urea with Nutrisoil for his top dressing. In the first season he noticed a small increase in yield, we also did a penetrometer test where Spud broke my penetrometer at about 1400psi on a definite hard pan at about 4 to 6 inches.
In the second season our penetrometer tests averaged around 800psi, still with a noticeable hard pan but not as bad as the year before. It was also one of the few years he did not spray for mites.
The Brix levels were quite high up to 12. Also it was the first time he had found worms in his pasture paddocks.

spud lumbar in his crop
This crop of Oat and Vetch has only had 50kg single super, TM ag and TM germination as inputs this year and no added Nitrogen – September 2020