Dry Fertilisers

Soft Rock Phosphate

Phosphate is an essential element plants need for healthy growth. RE-Gen Farming source premium soft rock phosphate which is a naturally mined Australian product.

Traditional phosphate based fertilisers can become locked up in soils if they bond with other elements reducing the availability of phosphorus to the plants. Soft Rock Phosphate is a colloidal clay-based fertiliser, which means the phosphorus does not bond with other elements and become locked up in the soil, making it readily available to be used by the plant.

Soft Rock Phosphate is the choice fertiliser of consultants involved in sustainable agriculture around the world. Because it is naturally sourced it is biologically friendly, providing benefits to the soil, microbes and plant life. It is an integral part of the RE-Gen soil regeneration program and is cheaper than traditional phosphate based fertilisers per unit of Phosphorous.

Benefits – Soft Rock Phosphate contains an exceptional number of trace elements in colloidal form, which means they can never become locked up –

  • Providing ongoing availability to plants.
  • Supplying one of the lowest cadmium level phosphate products in the world
  • Helping to remineralise soils
  • Providing health benefits to soil microbes
  • Providing higher calcium plant availability than other limestone products.

Soft Rock Phosphate