Foliar Fertilisers

Re-Gen Farming can guide you in the right direction for application of foliar fertiliser. Foliar fertilisers activate and mobilise essential nutrients and elements on the plant leaves. They are absorbed within an hour of application increasing photosynthesis, stimulating nutrient absorption but the plant roots.

Below are the different liquid / foliar fertilisers recommended by Re-Gen Farming, contact your Soil Health Coach Luke to discuss your needs, phone 0427 138 100 or email luke@re-genfarming

Best Foliar Fertiliser

This special blend of fertiliser produced by Best Farming Systems Australia contains high quality soluble granular Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potatssium, along with chelated micronutrients. Best foliar has been formulated to be used in crop and meet plant growth needs.


The liquid vermicast produced at NutriSoil can be used in crop as a foliar application at 5L to the ha. This is applied when leaf mass is adequate to ensure the product is absorbed by the leaves of the plant. Containing biostimulants and nutrients a foliar application increases photosynthesis encouraging root growth below the soil surface.