NutriSoil is a family owned and operated business located in Baranduda just outside of Wodonga on the NSW / Vic border. With beginnings in Yackandanda Graeme and Lyn Maddock bit the bullet in 2005 and decided to move their vermiculture system closer to town so they could expand.

NutriSoil produce a liquid biostimulant through a recycling system which captures the exudates from the composting worms living in the worm beds established on the property. NutriSoil staff package the worm liquid and send it directly to farmers across the country.

The liquid biostimulant is used to coat seeds at sowing, is injected in furrow or can be used as a foliar application. NutriSoil acts as a stimulant increasing protection and immunity at sowing and increasing photosynthesis when sprayed onto leaves. In both instances root growth is increased allowing the plants to access more nutrients and other factors which increase immunity and protection.

NutriSoil work with like-minded business and consultants to support farmers on their journey to low synthetic input farming. Their goal is the empower farmers to produce life enriching food.