TM in Coleambally Irrigation Area

In 2008/2009 TM Ag were able to run some trails on a rice block in the Coleambally irrigation area.

As can be seen from the image below the root system in the trail is more extensive than the control, providing greater support to the plant in terms of access to nutrients and structural stability.

The plant is taller and contains a greater number of heads.

Unfortunately due to the lack of water availability there have not been many recent trials, click on the link below for information on trails which are about 10 years ago.

Malayasia Rice Trail

Although water availability in Australia has impacted Best Farming System rice trails in the Riverina, trails in Malaysia have demonstrated improved plant health and increased yields.

The climate in Malaysia allows for two crops per year to be planted.

The aim of the trails was to improve yield on the same plot from one cycle to the next. One application of TMAgri at 250/ml per ha during the second cycle increased yield by over 19%.

Best Farming System Rice Trial in Malayasia