Seed Dressing

TM Germination

Re-Gen Farming recommend using TM Germination, which is a customised liquid biostimulant. The biostimulant attracts microbes to the seed giving plant seeds the best start, improving germination rates and plant establishment. TM Germination is applied directly to the seed up to 120 days prior to sowing.


NutriSoil is a concentrated worm liquid, produced from a unique Vermiculture Recycling System. Organic animal, plant, mineral and ocean inputs are fed to compost worms and other soil organisms that consume and convert (break down) nutrients into plant-available food and microbial food/stimulant.

NutriSoil can be applied as a seed dressing at sowing, at a rate of 5L / tonne

Nutri Tech Solutions

Seed Start provides hormonal, enzymal and nutritional support to seeds for faster germination and an increased germination rate. By promoting bacterial growth in the root zone Seed – Start encourages greater early shoot and root mass, leading to a healthier and more resilient seedling.