Healthy Soils Healthy Plants Healthy Profit

Re – Gen Farming is here to help you transition to low input and healthy profit farming.

Re-Gen Farming can:

  • product advice and knowledge
  • support in transitioning to a healthy soil system
  • networking contacts

Re-Gen Farming aims to:

  • regenerating farming soils
  • regenerate farming families
  • regenerate community health

Benefits of a Regenerative farming system:

  • Increasing moisture profile of your soil
  • Increasing plant nutrient availability
  • Increasing biology in the soil, let biology do the hard work for you!
  • Reducing synthetic inputs
  • Increasing gross margins (profits!)

Meet Our Team!

Luke Harrington
Re-Gen Farming director and founder Luke Harrington

Luke Harrington

Re-gen Farming director and owner Luke Harrington has always been interested in biology and soil health, along with healthy food production. This passion has led Luke to invest in his own education to develop a diverse knowledge of the tools needed to increase the biological health of soil.

Having completed many different online, on-farm and face to face events, field days, webinars and courses Luke has developed a far reaching network of like-minded experts in soil function and health.

His passion for long term sustainable agriculture has seen Luke branch away from the traditional agricultural service industry to providing a consulting service for those looking to farm differently, or more in tune with nature.
From sourcing seeds, along with biological fertilisers and stimulants, Luke can support farmers with long term planning and grazing management options. Luke can help unlock the tools in the toolbox to reinvigorate the biology in your soil to improve soil health, plant health, farm health and profit health.
Based in Deniliquin in Southern NSW, Luke spends time on the road and via Zoom supporting farms to transition to long term sustainable farming practices.

Welcome Zoe Crouch
Re-Gen Farming welcomes Zoe Crouch to the team!

Zoe Crouch

Zoe joined Re-Gen Farming in January 2022. Haling from Landsborough West, on the edge of the Wimmera and the Pyrenees Ranges in Western Victoria, Zoe manages a property with her husband.

Growing up on a farm in Western Victoria, Zoe has had vast experience in the sheep industry and has spent time in QLD.

She completed the RCS Grazing for-profit course, the Nicole Masters Integrity soils 10-week course and has an Ecotherapy Certificate (short course). Zoe is currently studying for a degree in Science through Southern Cross University and is majoring in Regenerative Agriculture, making her a great fit in our role of supporting farmers in their transition to regenerative farming.
Zoe believes “Agriculture is life!! Without farmers, we don’t eat.” She is passionate about supporting the farmers out there looking for alternative farming methods. She also understands there are a lot of people wanting to source nutritious, wholesome, ethically and locally grown foods.
Zoe is looking forward to supporting farmers transition to a farming system which runs parallel to the regeneration of the landscape, ecology, people, communities and culture.

Healthy Soils

Its All About The Soil

Your soil is the most important asset to your farm and business. Healthy soils are alive with a buzzing network of soil  microbes, organisms and bacteria. All these organisms work together to help your plants absorb the nutrients and water they need for healthy growth. Healthy soils not only benefit the plants and your crop, stock benefit from healthy plants, as does the planet – living soils help sequester carbon from the atmosphere into the soil.

One of the most important relationships in improving the health of your soil, your crop and therefore your farm production system, is the symbiotic relationship between Mycorrhizal fungi and plants.

This fungi lives in the soil and helps the plant access nutrients which it may not be able to on its own. Not only does this relationship improve plant health, in addition stock which feed on healthy crops put on weight faster and more efficiently.